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Review: F.E.A.R. 2

Category: By Adam
Yeah, I do have to add a dot after every letter. That's how they roll on the box art.

So there was a delay with this review going up after I got it. Not because it's a game packed with many hours of play, no, pretty much the opposite... this game can be blown through in five or six hours. No, midterms are what kept me from posting. Also, reading week and a break from all things school.

As FEAR 2 suggests, there was in fact a FEAR 1, and it was a really good game. It was very new and fresh on the scene by comparison. Well, it was a shooter among lots of other shooters, but it added a hybrid of horror and action that I really got into.

FEAR 2 isn't too much different... well, the story is different, and the characters are a bit smarter and the guns are better, but it's the same feel of gameplay, just, much improved over the last one. You can grab pretty much anything in the environment and tip it over to make cover, enemies are smarter and flank much better, and there's enough variety in your foes to make it varied whenever it's in "shoot dudes" mode. In "scary" mode you're getting chased by a little girl and monsters you can't fight and all sorts of business, that creates a pretty excellent atmosphere.

Basically I really dug it, and you should definitely start with the first one if you haven't yet, but very worth your while.

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