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Starcraft 101

Category: By Adam
Kotaku posted a recent bit about a new course being offered centered around the strategy and cold hard numbers behind... Starcraft?

UC Berkeley is offering this totally awesome class... well, I guess it's awesomeness is yet to be seen, but the outline sure looks good. As a pretty devoted fan of Starcraft I know there's an insane amount of depth to the strategy behind the game, more than enough to fill a term's worth of study on. But, earning credit for it...?

Well, its tournament scene is taken pretty seriously, and good players can more than earn themselves a living from tournament winnings. Like any other sport, reaching that sort of level takes insane amounts of dedication, and inevitably won't pan out for everyone. The mere fact that such a course that offers that kind of strategic planning is available, though, I think is a step in a really neat direction.

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