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This is not about games: The end (of print/tv/radio)

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Even after the class ends I might make "TINAG" a regular blog feature. I somewhat enjoy providing commentary on other web-related issues that isn't game-related. Might be made up of movie reviews, internet business... we'll see what crops up in the world during the next year, and see how the section takes shape.

In any case, this week the topic is CBC's "The End" series, providing commentary on the web causing the elimination of various forms of media, including print, radio, and television. I'm not entirely sure it's so much an elimination, but an integration, of these mediums that is taking place. The line is blurring between them even today; radio, for example, is available in many forms on the internet, allowing users to stream stations featuring their preferred genre or type of audio entertainment. Talk shows and mixes can also take the form of audio podcasts, that can be downloaded and enjoyed at leisure. Because of how flexible and customizable internet radio options are, digital radios will not necessarily eliminate that particular medium but extend it.

Similar arguments can be made for print, as many/most news companies publish their stories on the internet in addition to publishing them in their papers. TV broadcasters also make episodes of their own featured shows exclusively available on their own websites (not taking into account piracy, obviously), along with episode guides, summaries, and a bunch of additional meta information you wouldn't be able to gather from the program itself.

What we're seeing isn't so much an elimination of these forms of media as an evolution, extension, and/or an integration of it.

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