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Microsoft sucks.

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I've been told by my friends that I'm going to become an Apple person some day, regardless of how much hate I spew about that company. Today I think they're right.

I was configuring my router this afternoon, nothing special. Wanted to boost its security up to WPA2 encryption. So I set it up, then went through the process of configuring all my comptuers and consoles to match up with it. Within seconds my Wii and my Ps3 were set up with the new encryption and got up to their usual awesome connection speeds. When I tried this stunt with my 360, I realized it wouldn't even recognize my router any more. What the hell?

Upon a little more research I found out that the 360 does not support WPA2 encryption with their wireless adaptor. You read that right: Microsoft's game console, and the wireless adapter that comes with a 100$ canadian price point, does not support a newer, more secure wireless encryption that both Nintendo and Sony's game consoles do. THE NINTENDO WII can support WPA2, which I believe was patched in after its release through a console update, not to mention it and the Ps3's wireless networking is built right into the console and isn't 100 dollars extra.

Microsoft's insufferable decisions like that are making me more and more upset with how they play right through their user base for their money... because as well you know, they have no real dedication to that user base, since it's so established and so stupidly huge. This afternoon I explained to my mother why she couldn't open a .docx attachment on her older computer. After installing office 2007 on her machine and telling her about the new format being very finnickity with older versions of office, she expressed annoyance. The plugins that microsoft offers for users of earlier versions break frequently at best and straight up don't work at worst, from what I've heard. Which only seems to indicate it's another way microsoft will take your money; you're so used to office you'll just have to buy office 2007 and give them 200-400 dollars for it.

With all this and a recent spaz I had over Vista's inability to network in any way ever, I just think I have reached the end of my rope. Come this summer once I have more disposable income I may end up doing something quite drastic... a new Macbook definitely looks like a good start...

In any case, bringing this all back to games, Microsoft... you know, the makers of the most used OS in existance today... haven't made their game console compatible with a newer, more secure wireless format that literally ALL their game division related competition has taken care of before they have. When are these people going to get it? This will be what kills them one day. If they don't care for and support the user base through ALL their divisions, they're going to lose them to companies like apple and nintendo that show they actually give a damn, and on top of that, actually put out good products.

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