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Sony just doesn't get it

Category: By Adam
I like to think I have a pretty well-tuned BS detector. Which is probably BS because rereading that sentence makes it go off. Which leads to a circular paradox that I don't want to think about anymore, but besides that, this chart Sony released to the press a few months ago is just a little bit too much. It's just a side-by-side of current gen consoles, with Sony attempting to show which of them is a better deal.

This chart made my detector go off red alert style. Not only does it attempt to capitalize on facts that are not really relevant (Xbox 360's have all had hdmi output for over a year now, and I promise any you find on a retail shelf today will have hdmi), and skewed facts (like how the wii has "no available" hard drive, yet it does have internal storage and you can swap out SD cards and potentially have more combined storage than either the Ps3 OR the 360, if you so wished), but it's just plain douchebaggery in principle. Why waste time knocking down other companies' products when yours are good enough to stand on their own? It makes your company look unprofessional and generally filled with gigantic ponces. Apple does this as well.

This is yet another move in a long game of moves that makes me really detest Sony. I love my Ps3 more than any of my other consoles, it really is a solid, well put-together machine. But stuff like this, stuff like backwards compatibility being removed, stuff like the pushing of products for their own sake when they can't stand alone... it ticks me off how many terrible decisions they make. Their marketing and PR people are completely clueless. With the right team behind it this machine should sell itself, it's easily the best one for people like me but I'd never know it until I owned it, so Sony should really get some better people to market this thing.

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  1. Chad December 8, 2009 at 3:55 PM
    Sony = Betamax = MiniDisc = Blu-Ray

    The Format Killer.

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