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Never say never: new (old) ps3!

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While this is more a personal post than anything that'll be of any benefit to anyone else, I snagged myself a Ps3 today with the help of Shawn, a friend from work. Found a good used one on eBay, and it's an older 60gig model, which means older Ps2/Ps1 games will work in it, it has a card reader, and a bunch of other useful things they took out of newer Ps3 models for no freaking reason. If you've talked video games with me recently you'll know all about my struggle to get my hands on a good older ps3 like this on the cheap(er), and I finally managed that this last week, making shawn my total hero.

So, coming up next is a review of the Wanted: Weapons of Fate demo that was released on it recently. I'm also checking out some exclusive downloadables just because I can, including Pixeljunk's eden and Nobi Nobi Boy for sure, possibly flower, flOw, and more in the near future. So keep an eye on your RSS feed (and hit that wavy warbly button in the top right if you haven't subscribed yet) and you'll hear all about some games that are definitely worth your Ps3 related time.

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