I'm playing "Super Busy Hospital 2", where you take care of all the characters hurt in all the other video games. Now leave me alone. I need to concentrate. I'm performing surgery on a man that's been shot in the head 57 times.


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For the sake of experimentation, once I put my first true blu(ray) ps3 game into the console to fire it up, the name on the front of the disc was burnout paradise. An excellent choice to be sure, but once it got into the intro screen I froze, realizing: wow, I can't take any picture for my license photo without a camera.

Now of course I had no playstation camera and my other usb cameras are too wired into my setup to yank out, so in the name of science and discovery I plugged my xbox 360's live vision camera into the ps3. Almost instantly it fired right up. No hassle, no fuss, nothing.

Now you might say "well Adam, it's a simple plug and play usb camera, what's the big deal". And you'd be right, it's not a big deal. Yet this kind of compatibility would never be pushed by either of these companies. But I can just swap my camera back and forth between the systems and save big.

Not sure if you'd be crazy enough to buy even one camera for your gaming console, but even if you do, make sure it's just one you buy. ...Though I'll be more impressed if I can play games like eye of judgement with the xbox camera. This requires FURTHER SCIENCE!

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