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Review: The Incredible Hulk

Category: By Adam
The best part about this game, literally, is the start screen. The start screen is a very overlooked part of most video games. Usually a splashpage of some kind, or a zoomed out sweeping view of some landscape, is fair game, complimented by random music from the soundtrack and the start/load/options/etc buttons plopped hastily on top. This game is not much different, but the start screen has the camera placed at the end of a dark alley, overlooking a street. You constantly see people running back and forth in panic, see tanks drive one way and get tossed back the other, and watch as random passers-by make it halfway to the other side before noticing something off screen and saying "...what the hell!?" and running back the way they came.

This amused me for several minutes, which is unfortunate because the game did not even manage that much. The last Hulk game, Ultimate Destruction, made the Hulk what he should be: large, green, angry, and just plain fun. One mechanic involved Hulk flattening a bus to use as a surfboard through the streets of New York. If that's not award-winning gameplay gold then I don't know what is.

This game tries to copy Ultimate Destruction but fails miserably as only Sega can. It rips off some gameplay mechanics that Ultimate Destruction had, but doesn't implement them right. The game's audio sounds like it was recorded at the other end of a long wind tunnel, and Hulk punching a hole in a building sounds more like an upset toddler knocking over a set of mega-blox, which would have made for a much more intersting story than all the sidequests this game gives out.

In summary this game fails in every way at what it tries to do, and ends up being another in a long line of movie-games that just don't cut it. Go play ultimate destruction (a game that came out four years ago and yet is everything this game should have been).

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