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This is not about games: OUTFOXED review

Category: By Adam
In viewing any kind of journalistic media, from print to screen, regardless of how the story's being reported, people will always read into the story in their own way. Some people are inherently biased, and that shows in their own writing or talking, but others have a lot less bias. In either case, it's really important to be critical of the story and critical of the journalists telling the story, and leave enough leeway to draw your own conclusions.

This is the crux of why I can't get behind Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism as much as I probably should. It tells a story of the slanted, biased journalism and the tactics they use to spin stories the way they want. As an MIT student, though, I can attest to the fact that all journalism is not without some inherent bias. Fox News is simply the extreme end of this spectrum, with regulations and practices that no other news company would even consider employing.

This bias, along with their general lack of professionalism, is more than enough reason for this movie to exist, but I think it serves as more of a warning than anything. For those who don't think so much about bias in journalism, I think this serves as an extreme example, and will make you think twice about the news you consume, and about who it comes from and how it's told. In the end that's what is most important; being critical of what you're being told and drawing your own conclusions.

That's probably best done by getting news from multiple, varied sources and then discussing it with friends and family and whatnot. As for Fox, I personally find them pretty insufferable, so I don't go to them for news broadcasts, and anyone else who feels the same should do the same. But that doesn't mean there isn't some truth buried beneath the mountains of garbage they pile onto it, and if that's what viewers prefer, then more power to them.

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