I'm playing "Super Busy Hospital 2", where you take care of all the characters hurt in all the other video games. Now leave me alone. I need to concentrate. I'm performing surgery on a man that's been shot in the head 57 times.


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Today, Paul Sham's World of Warcraft Paladin reached level 74. Those interested can check out his complete stats.

In more relevant news (sorry Paul), fans of horror games have something to look forward to this week, as a demo version of FEAR 2 hits the internets, as evidenced by FEAR 2's official blog. The Ps3 and 360 versions will hit on the 22nd of this week, while the PC version is due out shortly after at a nondescript time.

The full game hits shelves for the PC, Ps3, and Xbox 360 on February 10th.

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