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Brand new template

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Check out the new template now that it's done. Looks like a blog now, more or less. Not too shabby.

In case you haven't heard, Guitar Hero is kind of a big deal. Already spinoffs like the Aerosmith and "Rock the 80's" expansions have hit shelves as fan service slash money grab pursuits. Now we have Guitar Hero: Beetles edition, which is more or less confirmed. It isn't a guitar hero game, per se, but it uses the same guitars and everything. It just allows them to sell the game as a separate product and grab an extra thirty, forty bucks from our collective pockets, as opposed to offering their songs as downloadable content for current Guitar hero players.

So, if you're a massive Beetles fan, this is one to look out for, but be ready to lose a few bucks over your passion. Then again, video game players have to put up with this frequently enough, I suppose.

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